Who has an interest and could benefit from contributing to creating a city of the future, – to create a future for the City of Vancouver. Who has an interest and could benefit from exploring how we can create community around our common interests and our creative possibilities for our community?

The Coalition of Vancouver Neighbourhoods represents twenty-seven community and residents associations covering almost the entire City of Vancouver which include a broad cross-section of the Vancouver population have joined together with the specific purpose of demanding a more respectful relationship between the City and the communities.
Coalition of Community Neighbourhoods

We are a group of Vancouver urban planners and academics including former City of
Vancouver planners who are concerned about the future planning direction in the city. Our
concerns relate to both the need for an overall planning framework for the city but also many
individual project approvals which ignore long held planning values about the need for new
developments to fit in with their surroundings.
Creative Community Leaders

Through citizen engagement and professional facilitation, the Downtown Vancouver Association possesses the unique ability to interpret community aspirations and assist member individuals and organizations in tailoring their visions for a better MetroCore, in an effort to broaden social diversity, improve economic and foster urban innovation.

As an organization with community in mind, the Downtown Vancouver Association is focused on bringing participants from many backgrounds together in order to ‘connect the dots’ on several key urban issues with the end goal of envisioning a more livable MetroCore for Vancouver
Downtown Vancouver Association

Our campus and our city are ideal laboratories to respond to the urgent human and environmental issues of our times. Our position on Canada’s west coast connects us to a number of communities, from Cascadia to the Pacific Rim. Alumni and friends of our programs have played pivotal roles in shaping Vancouver into an internationally recognized example of sustainable urban design. Drawing on this history, we continue to prepare collaborative, community-minded designers equipped to become leaders in the fields of the built and natural environments.
UBC School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture
City Studio Vancouver
Grandview Woodland Community