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artofcitiesPlacemaking is a powerful tool for democratic change and a way to stitch communities together
P.K. Das, Architect

City Studio Vancouver is an innovation hub where City staff, students, and community co-create experimental projects to make Vancouver more sustainable, liveable and joyful.

Are you interested in starting a CityStudio in your city or learning about how we started in Vancouver?

We invite city and university leaders to join us in Vancouver this May to learn about the City Studio model and the art of collaborative city building.

The Art of Cities
May 24-26, 2017

City Studio Story

Cities need to experiment on the ground with innovative solutions to the complex sustainability challenges that we are facing. Cities also need strategies to engage young people as leaders and decision makers in creating sustainable cities and communities for our future.

CityStudio Vancouver is an innovation hub inside Vancouver City Hall where City staff, university students, and community members co-design and co-create real projects which improve our city, enrich our neighbourhoods, and make our city more livable, joyful and sustainable.

What City Studio does

Explores ways cities are co-created and experiments with new ways.

Gives students the opportunity to learn the skills required for creative collaboration to
build the next generation of change-makers and active city builders.

Learns from working directly with the underserved, disillusioned and talented students who want to change the world and cannot find programs that help them do so.

Gives City Hall a vehicle to explore and include the interests, observations, and ideas of students in the co-creation of the city.

How City Studio works

Students collaborate with city employees using an integrated dialogue and design process to frame problems, refine designs, and implement projects.

Projects are learning experiences on how to build creative relationships, engage in a thorough design process.

The city gets a steady flow of innovative, sustainability demonstration projects from which it can choose the best to replicate.

City staff innovate more frequently and more easily as a result of this co-creation and the energy and enthusiasm students bring to the work.

The focus for the staff, students and community members of City Studio is on creating deeply engaged collaborative city building experiences in projects contributing to the Greenest City Action Plan, and the Healthy City and Engaged City Strategies.

What we imagine

We imagine a future where City Hall is more permeable and accessible and an energetic hub of urban innovation.

Exciting City Halls across North America to explore the idea of creating City Studios in our common interest in creating cities for the future

City Studio Vancouver

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