The world is becoming more and more urban. Populations are flocking to cities in ever increasing numbers as they seek the advantages that cities seem to offer in our time.

Vancouver is no exception. Urban growth continues apace. Land for development becomes scarcer, densities increase, new transportation systems expand, as do government budgets, and social and environmental challenges. The future seems increasingly uncertain as political, economic and environmental systems undergo radical shifts and changes.

Living in a democratic society means that we rely on an informed citizenry to guide our decision-making processes. The primary goal of Urbanarium is to reach out to the community to provide it with stimulating and “easy to understand” information about how our urban system works, what forces are acting on it, what alternative futures might happen and what we can do to affect those outcomes.

Our goal is to become respected as a place where people can get informed and valuable information without political or ideological bias. How marvelous it would be if the our community recognized the value of community oriented displays to explain the city system to everyone.

How marvelous it would be if there was a place where we could go to see urban issues explained and ideas we could respect and rely on.

Ray Spaxman
Director of Planning for the City of Vancouver, 1973 to 1988
September 2, 2014

Urbanarium for Smart Cities


New London Architecture

New London Architecture is an independent forum for discussion, debate and information about architecture, planning, development and construction in the capital. Our core mission is to bring people together to shape a better city.
New London Architecture

Pavilion de L’Arsenal

As urban issues are in the heart of current debates, it is essential to present these questions in an attractive and pedagogic way, to allow citizens to be in the middle of the process of architectural and urban creations.
Pavilion de L’Arsenal

The Building Centre

The Building Centre in central London is a place where people can learn about, develop knowledge, and join the ongoing debate about the built environment. The Building Centre is open to all involved in architecture and construction and works with many leading organizations, individuals, and companies connected with environmental issues and building, some of whom make their home in the building. Exhibitions and talks at The Building Centre, typically undertaken with expert partners, have stimulated wider discussion of key issues.
The Building Centre – London
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