Vancouver has no plan

Vancouver, because of its unique status as a charter city, is the only municipality in the region that does not have to have an Official Community Plan. All 20 of the other municipalities in our region must formally adopt such a plan, and must update and submit said plan to the province for review every five years. These plans provide a detailed and legally defensible policy framework that governs allowable future land uses and identifies the infrastructure necessary to support them. Civic goals around health, safety and welfare are also articulated in these plans, as are goals for environmental protection. The city zoning maps must be updated now and then to be brought into conformance with the official community plans. Vancouver has no such obligation. Vancouver has no such plan.

Patrick Condon, Chair of the Urban Design Program
UBC School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture
from Vancouver’s ‘Spot Zoning’ Is Corrupting Its Soul: The Tyee, July 14, 2014