How about an Urbanarium?

How about an Urbanarium? A place where people could come and have explained to them in a way they could grasp what a city is, what it is composed of, how it operates, why it is in constant change and what causes change. Is it just an accidental product of the human race interacting with the planet earth, or do we have an ability to choose the changes we want, or think we want concerning our environmental, social and economic circumstances.

It would be a place where one could get real information, information that one could trust, unlike so much of today’s information that is carefully devised to present a specific point of view such as a particular political, business or development interest. Getting unbiased information about current and future urban issues would help to develop an informed public and a trusting community.

As well as providing information that people could rely on, resources would be applied to ensure it was accessible and understandable to all people, especially those who find city systems very complex. It would be honest about what we can know, what we can’t or don’t know, but also what others think about things.

These days we have to think about a virtual Urbanarium.

Ray Spaxman

What is an Urbanarium?