City appoints Gil Kelley

City appoints Gil Kelley as the general manager of Planning, Urban Design, and Sustainability

City appoints Gil Kelley as the General Manager of Planning, Urban Design and Sustainability. The newly created department of Planning, Urban Design and Sustainability will also have the City’s Sustainability Group integrated within its mandate, which will support the effective implementation of the City’s Greenest City Action Plan, Renewable City Strategy and green building initiatives.

“Vancouver is known throughout the world as a leader in urban planning and design, and being a sustainable, liveable and inclusive city,” says Mayor Gregor Robertson. “As Chief Planner now responsible for Planning, Urban Design and Sustainability, Gil will help take Vancouver to the next level in becoming a greener, more affordable and inclusive city.

Gil assumes leadership of the City’s efforts to address public policy issues related to land use and city planning. Gil will be charged with charting a course for a proactive planning program for Vancouver, including:

Supporting work underway to update the City’s 10-year Affordable Housing Strategy;

Implementing policy work completed on the removal of the Georgia and Dunsmuir viaducts, False Creek Flats, Northeast False Creek and South False Creek plans;

Renewing the planning and urban design framework for Vancouver’s City Core; including transit-oriented development with a focus on the Broadway corridor;

Completing recommendations on the City’s new Heritage Action Plan;

Implementing the city’s climate adaptation plan, zero emission new buildings strategy, greenest city action plan and 100% renewable strategy;

Supporting key Council priorities, including housing affordability, City of Reconciliation, the Health City Strategy, and working with the Vancouver Economic Commission and other partners to optimize and grow Vancouver’s nation leading economy

Appointment of general manager of Planning, Urban Design, and Sustainability
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